What others are saying.

From a single lady…

I have had many, many different counselors and counseling in my life, but none of them reached way down deep in my heart to open the door to true healing. I finally have hope and determination. I thank you all very much for all the time that was given me, and the learned skills you had for me.

A wife writes:

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to you for allowing the Lord to use you to help my husband and I resolve the conflicts between us for over 30 years.

The first two days of counseling with you were somewhat easy as we shared our individual histories. As you shared a chart with us, it was obvious that the Lord had already prepared my husband’s heart to acknowledge, understand and receive the truth. Thank you for helping me to learn how to retrain my responses to be more Christ-like. Most of all, thank you for being willing to approach the topic with me.

I am more convinced at this moment than ever before that MC is the main reason why the Lord moved on my husband’s and my heart on the very same day two years ago to come to Colorado Springs. Both of our hearts have a strong desire to partner with MC in any way we can to help other individuals, and especially couples, come to freedom.

We want to give back to your ministry as a way of expressing our gratitude to MC for the many great sacrifices you have all given to us and so many others. Thank you does not even begin to touch the things in our hearts.

May our God continue to bless your family, ministry, and that of MC. Your sensitivity to the Spirit of God has been obvious. Thank you for being a willing vessel through which the Lord has brought a freedom to our personal lives, marriage and family that we never would have known otherwise.

All our love in Jesus Christ,

Giving on behalf of a friend who was blessed by your ministry:

Enclosed is a gift for your ministry. I moved to Colorado Springs from Omaha 1 ½ years ago and just recently heard about you through a friend. She told me the atmosphere is incredibly loving, non judgmental, anointed, guided totally by the Holy Spirit and safe. She also said all counseling is free, and the ministry operates through donations.

Intrigued, I got more information from your website. What a wonderful vision God gave, years ago, and what faith it took to implement that vision and to sustain it these past ten years.

Last week I received an unexpected gift of money and the Holy Spirit spoke to me to bless you with part of that money. So, here it is! I’m smiling, as I write this because being able to do this is blessing me richly! I feel so good about where this money is going—rich, fertile soil that is producing harvest after harvest of healed souls.

I pray blessings over your ministry, all your staff, over everyone who comes to the ministry for help, and over everything you put your hands to.

Drawn closer to God:

“Thank you for helping us. We are truly thankful because we have drawn closer to God through this process.”

Thankful for MC:

“I am so happy we were able to come to MC. I have never felt so emotionally connected with my husband. MC has really helped our marriage.”