About John and Rita

John and Rita Ziehr

Dr. John Ziehr earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College, and a Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological Seminary. Vocational experience includes fourteen years of private chiropractic practice, five years of full time pastoral ministry, and over ten years of pastoral counseling.

I have a passion to help struggling couples to reconnect, good marriages to become better, engaged couples to prepare for success, and individuals cultivate life giving relationships. That passion is the result of my own personal journey. After eighteen years of marriage and two decades in the care giving professions of pharmacy, chiropractic, and pastoral ministry I was shocked to discover that I did not know how to care for the most important person in my life. We had worked, ministered, and played side by side during our first eighteen years of marriage.  I thought we had a great marriage and our friends would have agreed. What a wakeup call for me to learn that Rita did not feel cherished by me. We had learned how to coexist without really connecting.

In 2000, we learned how to cultivate the marriage we had always wanted. Since then we have experienced an exciting journey of discovery. Discovering how to connect emotionally, to care deeply, and to create an environment of love and acceptance that sets us free to be real. Our relationship isn’t perfect or free of challenges, but it keeps getting better. It is my privilege to guide couples and individuals to cultivate life giving relationships.